The story behind CRØSS THE.LINE

Where we come from

We love minimal design. In the past, we have expressed this passion in different forms from interior design and DIY projects to graphic design and our own lifestyle. The abstract and minimal tattoos we have on our bodies are proof of how much we identify with the vision of "less is more" and how a simple message can transmit a powerful meaning.

After designing tattoos for some time, we actually began tattooing with a technique called stick'n'poke (meaning no machine, using just a needle and a steady hand). This style influenced our designs and our perspective considerably; there is more focus on the individual dot and a whole new dimension unfolds once we include the element of the human skin in our design.

Why clothing

Based on all the appreciation we received for our tattoos, we decided to make them available to more people. Not everyone wants to get inked and we honor this decision. This is why we chose clothes as a great canvas to display your personal style and still be able to switch it up once in a while.

We proudly created an online, on-demand shop that allows us to pass our tattoos on to other people without creating a complex construct that requires huge inventory and therefore can be a heavy burden on our environment. We partner with companies that ensure fair labor conditions, use organic or recycled materials, and print with water-based ink. Following these standards, we ensure that we don't pollute nature with our products.


What's behind the name? Many people hesitate to buy eco-friendly, organic clothing. They instantly think of neutral colors and heavy fabrics. We want to show everyone that crossing the line from traditional consumerism to a more sustainable approach towards the fashion industry doesn't have to be boring. It can be awesome and you are allowed to be bold!

Wearing a CRØSS THE.LINE piece of clothing not only shows your sense of style but also transmits your devotion to our planet. Follow us on Instagram and spread the word.

designer drawing tattoo

by Tiziana Pittini

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