Help the ocean

To introduce our new collection we want to give you some useful tips on how to protect the ocean and tell you about our attitude.

As a sustainable brand, we don't only want our clothes to be eco-friendly. We want to raise awareness of the current situation this planet is in and we see it as our obligation to help heal what humanity broke. Our biggest concern is the well being of the ocean. It is the base for everything that lives on this amazing earth. Our belief is that to be successful not only as humans but as part of an ecosystem we need to take care of each other and that includes animals and nature. 

In honor of everything, the ocean provides us with, and for being the biggest habitat on earth holding uncountable species of flora and fauna we are releasing our Ocean Series.

As always, 10% of the profits we make selling sustainable clothes go to Sea Shepherd here in Portugal to support them to protect this beautiful big blue deep.

Here are 17 tips for you on how to help the ocean in your life:

  • Avoid styrofoam 
  • Quit single-use plastics (like straws, cups, and bottles)
  • Eat less fish and seafood
  • Look out for MSC labels on packages of fish and seafood
  • Try alternative ways of traveling to planes
  • When buying drinks that are held together by a plastic band: cut all of the loops open so animals can't get trapped
  • Recycle
  • Use eco-friendly detergents and cleaning materials
  • Buy natural soap for your skin and body, if possible solid to have less plastic waste
  • Go to beach cleanings
  • Always take your trash home when enjoying nature
  • If you see other people's trash on the beach collect it
  • Consume ecological food: The pesticides used in commercial farming destroy the soil and end up in the water
  • Say no to Jet-Ski and cruise ships
  • When diving don't touch animals or corals you might accidentally harm them or destroy their protective layer
  • Shop sustainably whenever possible
  • Educate yourself and others
Let us know if you think our tips are useful or if you have questions on how to implement some of the things into your life – we are happy to help!

by Tiziana Pittini

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